Episode #81 of the Widowed AF podcast, hosted by Rosie Gill-Moss, features the touching and transformative story of Scott Stringer, whose life was profoundly affected by the sudden loss of his partner, Dan.

Scott’s story begins with a vivid recollection of their meeting in 2002. They connected online, a novel concept at the time, and quickly formed a deep, loving bond. Scott paints a picture of Dan as a funny, intelligent, and caring individual, working as a pediatric nurse in intensive care. Despite the joy and companionship they shared, Dan grappled with the challenge of reconciling his sexuality with his religious upbringing in a deeply Christian family.

As their relationship evolved over 14 years, they faced various life challenges, including Dan’s struggles at work where he experienced stress and bullying. This period marked a significant decline in Dan’s health, with high blood pressure and anxiety taking a toll on him.

The narrative takes a tragic turn in November 2016. Scott describes the harrowing day he returned home from work to find Dan had passed away suddenly. This moment was not just a personal tragedy for Scott but a jarring confrontation with the fragility of life.

In the wake of Dan’s death, Scott speaks candidly about the complex emotions he navigated, from the initial shock and grief to the practical and logistical challenges of dealing with the aftermath. He highlights the invaluable support from his parents, Dan’s family, friends, and colleagues, painting a picture of a community coming together in times of profound sorrow.

Scott’s story also delves into the complexities of finding love again. He recounts how, encouraged by a friend, he ventured back into the dating world, leading to his meeting with Michael. What began as a casual interaction evolved into a deep, loving relationship.

Scott’s story, as shared on Widowed AF is a reminder of life’s unpredictability, the importance of connection, and the human heart’s capacity to love.

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