Episode #85 of the Widowed AF podcast, brings you a conversation between Rosie, and young widow Jen Plant.

Jen’s story begins with a vibrant love story. She met Mike when she was 19, and their relationship quickly grew into a deep and committed partnership. They married young, faced life’s challenges together, and built a family, adopting Mike’s children from a previous marriage and later welcoming their own son, Reg.

Jen describes their life as one filled with joy and normalcy, but also marked by struggles and complexities, much like any long-term relationship. They navigated through the hardships of infertility, family losses, and the ups and downs of married life. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen changes that deeply impacted their relationship. Mike’s redundancy and the isolation of lockdowns led to a growing sense of disconnection and strain in their marriage.

Tragically, in the midst of contemplating a separation, Jen was faced with an unimaginable scenario. Mike died suddenly at home, leaving her to grapple with shock, grief, and the practicalities of a life turned upside down.

The podcast episode captures Jen’s raw emotions as she recounts the day she discovered Mike, the subsequent arrival of emergency services, and the overwhelming realisation of his death.

Throughout the interview, Jen reflects on her journey of self-discovery and the mixed emotions she felt in the aftermath of Mike’s death. She talks about feeling a sense of relief and newfound freedom, a complex aspect of grieving that is often not discussed openly.

Jen is a bright and ballsy member of this club and her determination to fight back and to rise up is evident. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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