In episode #93 of the Widowed AF podcast, host Rosie Gill-Moss introduces us to Leonie Thorpe, whose story unfolds against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Leonie’s tale is one of love, the importance of family, and the unique challenges of grieving in an unprecedented global crisis.

Leonie met her partner Richard in 2012, both having been previously married with children. Their relationship led to a beautiful, blended family of nine (!!) children. Their life together consisted of all the expected challenges of a large family, but was one filled with love and joy.

Their lives took a dramatic turn when Richard discovered a lump on his neck. Initially diagnosed as a manageable case of head and neck cancer, Richard underwent aggressive treatment. The couple was optimistic, as doctors were confident about his recovery, and began to believe they had a future.

Leonie speaks candidly about the heart-wrenching journey that followed. The pandemic’s restrictions added an excruciating layer to their ordeal. Richard’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and he had to receive his terminal diagnosis alone, a moment that deeply affected both of them. She shares her struggles with anger towards the healthcare system and her quest to find peace and acceptance.

Their children, each dealing with grief in their unique ways, faced the loss of their father amidst global isolation and fear.

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