Debbie Weiss, a retired attorney from Northern California, shares her story following the death of her beloved husband, George. Debbie and George’s love story began when they were just 7 and 11 years old, as their families were close friends. Their relationship blossomed when Debbie, at 17, needed a date for her senior prom, and George, then 21, stepped in. From that moment on, they were inseparable.

As the years went by, George found success as an engineer in Silicon Valley, while Debbie pursued a career in law. The couple, who chose not to have children, retired comfortably when Debbie turned 40. However, their lives took a devastating turn when George, at age 50, was diagnosed with a rare form of male breast cancer.

George’s battle with cancer was marked by his strong will and determination. He continued to work tirelessly on his software projects, prioritisng his professional commitments even as his health declined. In a poignant act of love and protection, George chose to shield Debbie from the full extent of his illness, going so far as to prevent hospital staff from contacting her directly.

As George’s condition worsened, Debbie found herself grappling with the emotional and practical challenges of caregiving. The couple faced the heartbreaking reality of George’s denial about the severity of his illness, which added another layer of complexity to an already difficult situation. In April 2013, nearly four years after his initial diagnosis, George passed away in the hospital with his mother by his side.

In time, Debbie began to explore the possibility of finding love again, she ventured into the world of online dating. Her experiences, which she candidly recounts in her book “Available As Is: A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love,” were marked by both humor and frustration.

Today, Debbie lives in a picturesque waterfront home near San Francisco with her partner of five years, whom she met online. As she reflects on her journey, Debbie emphasises the importance of holding onto hope in the face of unimaginable loss. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that while the path through grief is never easy, it is possible to find moments of joy, laughter, and love along the way.

Through sharing her experiences, Debbie hopes to offer comfort and encouragement to others who are navigating the complex landscape of widowhood. Her message is one of love, hope, and the power of the human spirit to heal and find happiness again.

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