About Widowed AF

This is where the unheard stories of loss find their echo. I’m Rosie Gill-Moss, your fellow traveler on this unpredictable journey called life.

Widowed AF is more than a podcast; it’s a revelation of the widowhood tapestry, honouring the unique stories of all who’ve lost their life person.

We’re here to dismantle preconceptions about grief, to shine a light on the strength born from heartache, and to share the untold narratives that can transform pain into purpose.

This is a space where empathy grows, where support finds its voice, and where being a widow encompasses anyone who’s had to say an untimely farewell to their most cherished.

Whether you carry the weight of this title or you’re here to understand how to lighten it for someone else, Widowed AF welcomes you.

It’s a sanctuary for solidarity, a nexus for connection, and a starting point for the kind of understanding that wraps its arms around the often isolating journey of loss.

With every episode, we weave a stronger community, fostering a world more attuned to the intricacies of a widow’s heart. Because to understand another’s journey is to prepare our own hearts for the compassion the world needs.

Welcome to our collective narrative – where every story, every tear, and every laugh finds a home.